Marfani Denim Mills has quality control team of approx. 120 people from cotton inventory till fabric dispatch department striving at every stage to strengthen its Zero-tolerance policy regarding quality control and make sure only the finest is passed on to the next process and ensure that the customer is delivered with premium quality fabric.
We have fully equipped quality labs in dyeing and finishing stage to test all chemicals used at these stages and provide protection against possibility of any hazardous chemical being used. Specimens are derived from the utmost batch rolls and tested to ensure the greatest possible quality control and check shrinkage, skew, shade, naps, color fastness to make sure that only the flawless is passed on to the customer.
Quality control system is backed up by the American four-point penalty system and is equipped with inspection machines having the capacity to check 1 Million Meter of fabric a month. Moreover, the fabric is shrink wrapped in polythene bags to ensure safety from any damage caused during the delivery process.