Cotton Yarn is one of the most important raw material in denim production. It starts with the selection of best cotton fibre from the fields which is then passed on to our capital-intensive spinning unit that ensures uninterrupted supply of high quality cotton yarn. Quality checks are placed at every level of production to check all parameters and make sure that only the finest fibers are used to produce higher quality yarn.
The unit is equipped to produce variety of yarns from 6/1 to 14/1. The plant has the latest machinery including:
Trutzschler blow room with attachment of B-11 beater for the better cleaning.
TC11 and TC07 cards.
Toyota DX 8 Auto Leveler Draw Frame for premium quality and evenness.
Toyota RX-240 and RX-300 Ring frames with E-Draft and Auto Doffing.
Murata 21-C with LoepfeZanit-f yarn clear, lab pack option and VCV channel.
State of the Art laboratory including Uster tester-3, Fibro Graph-630, and count strength analyzer to maintain high quality standards and ensure that every yarn spun is a step towards betterment and commitment.